The most appropriate (for this site) definition of  ‘Freedom’ from Websters is:

1: the quality or state of being free: as

a : the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action

Personal freedom on the other hand is well, Personal. Everyone has their own idea of what freedom really means to them, and so I have defined it for myself in these ways:

1) The ability to manage my own time in a way that gives me the choice of who I want to spend it with, when, where, and how I spend it.

2) The ability to choose not to work for a living, but to instead work because I want to.

3) The resources to choose to give of my time and money the way that I wish.

For me, one way for me to measure this is by measuring my passive income compared to my expenses. I’ll be reporting these figures regularly on this site.

The goal of this site is to allow me to further explore during this year what personal freedom really is for myself and my family, and to hopefully find my way to it by the end. It is my sincere hope that along the way I am able to help others to find for themselves what it really means to them to be personally free, and maybe join me in my quest. My plan is to post regularly about those things that I have found helpful as I progress in my journey to a life of freedom. 🙂 It is sure to be an interesting and hopefully enlightening ride.

Feel free to leave comments about what Personal Freedom really means to you!