I am a serial entrepreneur seeking personal freedom within one year. This site is about that journey.


I’m Jim, and this is my dog Guenther.

I have been a serial entrepreneur for roughly 12 years. My wife insists that she is going to start a support group for other wives of entrepreneurs. It is a certain form of psychosis for sure. My current trade is web developer / project manager / business and product development. I wear quite a few hats for my own company, performing all of these services (and more) for clients all over the US. If you want to hire me, contact me here: jim at jimrising dot com.

The goal of this site is to allow me to further explore during this year what personal freedom really is for myself and my family, and to hopefully find my way to it by the end. It is my sincere hope that along the way I am able to help others to find for themselves what it really means to them to be personally free, and maybe join me in my quest. My plan is to post regularly about those things that I have found helpful as I progress in my journey to a life of freedom. :) It is sure to be an interesting and hopefully enlightening ride.

Feel free to leave comments about what Personal Freedom really means to you!